About the Chopin Birthday festival

The 11th Chopin Birthday Concerts Festival is 9 days of musical joy on the occasion of the 210th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Chopin. It is a project of creating a musical Warsaw with the largest independent festival, which takes place for many hours each day.

We play from February 22 to March 1 in the heart of Warsaw – the main festival stage will be, like in recent years, the Nowy Świat Muzyki at Nowy Świat 63 Street. Admission is free for all the events.

This year, we will blow out the candles on Chopin’s cake for the eleventh time. Frederic will sound for the eleventh time in various interpretations. Traditionally, the Chopin Birthday Concerts Festival is not just Chopin’s music. It is also Chopin’s inspiration, Chopin inspirations and the joy of making music, and also fashion, cooking and dancing. Classic moderation, jazz freedom, freshness of youth, proficiency of experienced.

This time the festival will start in a unique way. As part of the Chopin Night, together with the Institute of Literature, we celebrate in 5 places: Kościół Św. Krzyża, Kościół Wizytek, Nowy Świat Muzyki, Pałac Staszica, Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich. Throughout the evening, we prepare a series of 30-minute piano recitals alternating with poetry.

On February 22, we also give concerts at the Chopin Salon on Smolna Street, where there will be a marathon of the musical performance “Chopin and Poświatowska”, as well as at the Piwnica Artystyczna Kurylewiczów, Chopin Point and Warsaw Central Railway Station.

Over the next 8 days, Nowy Świat Muzyki will resonate with the sounds of music. There will be Lidia Grychtołówna, Marek Bracha, Karolina Nadolska, Włodek Pawlik, Haager-Kalmykov Duo, Maria Marquez Torres and Jarosław Boberek, Herman Pellbäck. And also candidates for this year’s Chopin Competition: Adam Mikołaj Goździewski, Anna Hajduk-Rynkowicz, Toshiki Ishii and Dominik Stępiński. 

There will be more recitals with Chopin’s music on the first and last weekend of the festival. There is also some jazz, a reference to Moniuszko, and joyful dances to the music of exquisite bands. Every evening, after the concerts at 20:30, we invite you to the Chopin after party.