Daniele Costa

Daniele Costa was born in July 1996. After demonstrating precocious artistic talent, he started studying piano at the age of 8. He graduated summa cum lauda in June 2017 at the Istituto Musicale Bellini in Catania, under the tutelage of M° Maria Pia Tricoli. In May 2013, he qualified as first among pianists at the National Competition for Musical Execution promoted by Siracusa’s A.Gi.Mus. In 2014 and 2015, he was awarded the first prize in his category at the “Premio Giuseppe Ierna per giovani talenti” in Floridia and the first prize at the 4th and 5thAmigdala International Music Competition. In 2017, he won the first prize at the 19th edition of the National Music Competition “Città di Barcellona P.G.”. He attended master classes with B. Canino, M. Marvulli, S. Girshenko, F. Manara. He also attended the summer specialization school sponsored by Crotone’s Beethoven ACAM , the Norma Music Festival’s summer seminars in technique and interpretation and in 2017 the Imola Summer Piano Academy&Festival. His young age notwithstanding, he has already performed numerous recitals for important associations such as Siracusa’s ASAM, Cromatismi del Mediterranneo, and Floridia’s AFAM. Both as a solo interpreter and with string orchestras, he was received very positively by audiences and critics.
In the last eight years, his study of the piano has been accompanied by his passion for violin and now he is attending the second year of the Academic Course in violin under the tutelage of M° Vito Imperato. He has appeared in several public performances both as a solo player and as part of a chamber music ensemble, and he took part in many concerts as a first violin for the ERSU’s Symphonic Orchestra and the Haffner Orchestra. He participated to the Annual Couse of High Specialization in Violin (MogerArte e Cultura, 2015-2016), taught by M° F. Manara in San Marco d’Alunzio (ME). Since March 2016, he has beencollaborating with Catania’s Teatro Massimo V. Bellini as a Tutor (assistantteacher) for the project “Sistema – promozione della pratica musicale come strumento di crescita socio-culturale nei giovani”. In addition to his many accomplishments and commitments, he is attending Catania’s university, getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities.